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Our Services

Servicing Cache, Weber, Davis, Salt Lake, Utah Counties and Preston, Idaho.


Same day

We are Northern Utah’s longest-running Cache Valley-based courier, meaning all of our runs end up coming back to Logan. We are also the only courier that offers two same-day runs coming out of Logan going south. We have 4 runs coming out of Davis, Salt Lake, Weber, and Utah counties every business day. We can haul anything up to 10,000 pounds-and the more you ship with us, the lower your rates will be! Not only are we faster than FedEx or UPS, but our rates are lower than theirs.

Late Pick up and Delivery

We are unique in the fact that we have a run in Salt Lake available to pick up Monday-Friday until 3:30 PM (sometimes later.) This means that we can pickup items late in the day; and either drop them off that same night or first thing the next morning. Most couriers have a pickup cutoff time in the early afternoon; we are available to pickup items until most businesses close for the day.

Next Day Delivery

Do you have an item that will be ready at the end of the business day, but you need it delivered first thing the next morning? No worries at all, we can help you out! We can pickup any item the night before and have it on a van for delivery to your desired location first thing the next morning.

Bullet runs

Do you have an item that needs to get there NOW? We can help you out. With our bullet run service, you are not limited to our regular same-day delivery areas. Available 24/7; we will go anywhere, any state that you need us to. Rates for bullet runs will be determined by the weight of what you are shipping and the distance we will be traveling to deliver.

Cargo Fully Insured!

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